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B.E.S.T Water Filters were designed specifically for the Australian RV market, based on feedback from experienced travellers. Weight is always an issue, so it had to be a small/ compact unit. As all water has dirt in it, it had to be cleanable. It had to have the ability to remove a wider range of substances from various waters. It had to be long-life, and purify as well as filter.

The B.E.S.T. RV WATER FILTER does all these things – not just some! Taking up minimal space in your storage compartment, this reversible / back-flushable system uses a combination of different mediums to give you greater removal of contaminants, resulting in better tasting, cleaner, safer water. B.E.S.T. stands for Bacteria Eliminating SilverSafe® Treatment, and this is what sets B.E.S.T. apart from the rest; enabling you to take water from almost any water source. Jump on any forums and ask a question about RV Water filters – B.E.S.T. is the most recommended.

All B.E.S.T. Water Filter products, which carry the Australia Made logo, are designed and completely manufactured in South East Queensland. First released in 2003, there are now nearly 90,000 of these hand assembled RV filters sold locally, and around the globe. 

For clean, safe water, wherever the road may take you, visit the designers/owners from B.E.S.T Water Filters on site OA89 during the 2022 Newcastle Outdoor Adventure and Motoring Expo.