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Roasting marshmallows on a campfire is a long standing tradition for many people when they head out bush camping but more often than not these days your fire is required to be off the ground. This means you need to haul around heavy and large campfires to make sure the tradition continues or hope the caravan park has one free.

Compact Campfires have the solution for you!

The compact design means the campfire is easily portable making it a stress-free addition to your camp pack. The unique design of the structure allows ample airflow to the fire which allows maximum heat for longer.  All campfires within the Compact Campfire range have a standard 220mm ground clearance providing plenty of airflow between the campfire and ground reducing the risk of damage to the area below. There are also multiple accessories you are able to add to your machine including a rotisserie kit and flaming grill/BBQ plate.

If you’re looking to keep the campfire tradition alive than make sure you visit Compact Campfires during the 2019 Newcastle Outdoor Adventure & Motoring Expo at site OA409