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Ask the Leyland Brothers, ran on Australian television from 1976 to 1980, 153 episodes in total and again from 1983 to 1984.[ The show often provided Australian viewers with their first look at outback Australia and re-runs have been shown many times since then. The “Amateur” style of the show was a part of it’s appeal and helped it relate to every-day Australians.

A following documentary series called Leyland Brothers’ World appeared on Australian television. Rather than viewers writing in and asking the Leyland brothers to visit a particular place in Australia and provide information about it as in Ask the Leyland Brothers, it focused on exploration by the Leyland brothers in Australia and featured a double-decker bus.

In 1980 the brothers were awarded the MBE for services to the film industry

Mal Leyland loves to talk about their adventures and has some interesting insights into everything from their first foray into film and where their ideas to travel and record the journey came from, through to advice on travelling around our great Continent today and what you should and shouldn’t bring with you.

Mal has written an autobiography about his journeys and life, entitled “Still Travelling” which will be available at the Newcastle Outdoor Adventure and Motoring Expo 2019 from his location. He will be covering his thoughts on travel today as well as his past experience. A fascinating experience for all attending, not to be missed!