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One of our popular exhibitors that participate in just about every one of our Expos, Green RV, have announced that they will be a Major Sponsor of ‘The Longest Line’ event, preparing to attempt to break a whopping 2 World records this May – The largest parade of camping vehicles AND the longest connected image made of LED rope lights.  

The Longest Line is a five-day event in Queensland hosted by AMLC, in partnership with the Barcaldine Regional Council.

The current World Record for the largest parade of camping vehicles was set on 22nd June 2003 when 672 camping vehicles (RVs) took part in a parade in Canelli, Italy. In May 2019, the AMLC plan to smash this record, saying “Our goal is to achieve a parade of at least 1,000 RVs.  Won’t that be a sight to behold?”

“We’re so proud to be working with the AMLC team to bring this event to life, smash some records, show the rest of the world what Australia’s RV’ers are made of – and have a tonne of fun doing it!”, said Green RV.

Be sure to visit Green RV at the 2019 Newcastle Outdoor Adventure & Motoring Expo to view their great caravans, and don’t forget to ask how the World record attempts went!