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Who do you go to, to get the real story on Australia’s geographic, climate and natural history records, Ray Andrews, Australia’s Extremes Guru, that’s who. If you thought you knew how tall Australia’s highest mountain was or where to find the greatest tidal variation, we are pretty sure you’re wrong!

Now, for the first time, 4WD, Caravan and Camping Show-goers can follow the Extremes Guru’s exploits as he travels Australia searching for its extreme Climate, Geographic and Natural History records all the time uncovering the backstory to the people, animals and plants which live there. Venture to places few of us have heard, like the Sunday Straits in the Kimberley, North Pole in the Pilbara, Crohamhurst on the Sunshine Coast, the Acraman Crater in South Australia and the Cadell Fault on the Victorian, New South Wales border.

Ray Andrews is an experienced adventurer, sought-after tour guide, wildlife commentator and passionate natural historian. The truth is, there is no one out there quite like Ray Andrews. He has spent the last twenty years assembling data on Australia’s Extremes and compiled it together in a series of books, Wild Extremes and Life in the Extremes.

Ray studied Tropical Plant Sciences at James Cook University and Wilderness Reserves and Wildlife at the University of Queensland. Ray has worked across Australia from Cape York to Tasmania and the Top End to Kangaroo Island. For the last 20 years, Ray has run his own extreme adventure and bespoke tour operations. Through his work, Ray has travelled extensively across Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and New Guinea. He has sailed yachts through the South Pacific, dodged Rascals in the PNG Highlands and circumnavigated Australia by vehicle countless times. As one of Australia’s foremost naturalists, Ray has the ability to communicate often complex subjects in relatable, comprehensible and fascinating ways. He is a gifted commentator and has appeared on many travel shows, documentaries and TV productions including Bon Voyage with Shauna Lowry, The Jeff Corwin Experience, and the Crocodile Hunter with Steve Irwin.

Since selling his tourism businesses in 2019 Ray has been writing books and compiling extreme records. During his spare time, he contributes to Hema Maps documenting points of interest and verifying tracks. Along with several colleagues, they have formed the Geographic Extremes Society, a not-for-profit entity that fosters adventure in Australia’s great outdoors.

So my friends, buckle up and lets have a little fun as we go deep, high, wide and extreme. We’ll bust myths, meet controversial Australian characters and talk our way out of the odd National Parks camping fine.