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Born from a trip with mates to Byron Bay, the Hammbag was an accident. Tom, one of the founders, only brought his plain old hammock. No towel, backpack or sleeping bag. To everyone’s surprise, they used his hammock for everything! A sack to walk their beers down to the beach, a mat for everyone to sit and watch the sunrise, a towel and even a blanket.

Once the boys returned home, Tom’s mum helped sew a few prototypes together and the boys took to the world with them! They used it for a backpack, bed, towel, blanket, hammock, picnic mat, pillow and poncho – even the straps & carabiners are useful in their own right!

Since then the boys have been constantly working on the Hammbag – thinking of news ways to use it, which surprisingly is endless.

For more information about the Hammbag visit the team at site OA346 during the 2019 Newcastle Outdoor Adventure & Motoring Expo.