With dealerships across Australia, Oz Star Caravans is dedicated to delivering affordable caravans built for Aussie adventures and designed to suit every lifestyle and budget.

Prioritising the comfort and conveniences essential for modern travellers, Oz Star’s thoughtfully crafted caravans boast meticulously planned interiors and robust semi off-road capabilities giving you the freedom to travel while enjoying all the comforts of home.

Oz Star’s comprehensive caravan packages guarantee a seamless drive-away experience, coupled with 12 months of registration. Tailor your travel adventure by selecting the perfect fit from our range:

  • 11 ft Oz Star Couples Series at $45,000 DRIVE AWAY: Immerse yourself in a cosy retreat designed for individuals seeking both comfort and style. This caravan, accommodating up to 2 people, promises hassle free adventures with thoughtful design elements.
  • 15 ft Oz Star Couples Series at $59,000 DRIVE AWAY: Elevate your escape with this model, also accommodating up to 2 people. Priced at $59,000, it offers a memorable journey filled with modern amenities and meticulous design, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable experience.
  • 15 ft Oz Star Family Series at $59,000 DRIVE AWAY: Tailored for families of up to 4 people, this caravan seamlessly blends comfort and space, providing an ideal home on wheels for your loved ones. Priced at $59,000, it caters to the needs of families seeking both convenience and style.
  • 20 ft Oz Star Couples Series at $69,000 DRIVE AWAY: Indulge in spacious elegance with this caravan designed for up to 2 people. Priced at $69,000, it promises a lavish interior for a truly indulgent journey, combining style and comfort seamlessly.
  • 20 ft Oz Star Family Series at $69,000 DRIVE AWAY: Specifically tailored for families of up to 4 people, this model ensures a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. Priced at $69,000, it effortlessly blends convenience with modern design, providing the perfect travel solution for families on the go.

Each Oz Star caravan is equipped with features like a marine-grade caravan body, solar panels, electric brakes, wireless reverse camera, diesel heater, grey water tanks, internal shower and toilet, a fully-equipped kitchen, dining amenities, comfortable bedding, double-glazed windows, RV blinds and anti-mosquito nets, slide out external stainless steel slide out kitchen, ample storage and more – ensuring everything you need for year-round travel.

Whether you’re an individual, couple, family or friends seeking comfort, adventure, or a seamless blend of both, our caravans stand as trusted companions on the road to unparalleled Aussie adventures.

Visit their team and their product range in person at the Newcastle Outdoor Adventure & Motoring Expo, site OS293.